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Republican ClubEdit

Phillips Exeter AcademyEdit

We are a group that meets on Thursday nights in the Elm Street Mezzanine. This site is a place where the club can come together online and collaborate. The talking points for meetings will be posted here each week, along with other information pertinent to the club. The content we work through here are from a syllabus written by our mentor, Dr. Phillip Tisdall. We chose a wiki rather than a blog or normal website so that YOU would get involved. The whole idea is that the syllabus can be dynamic and changing. You can write articles based on chapters, campus events, or meeting discussions and post them here.

This is an open wiki, nevertheless, please create an account. To do so, click join in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You will be asked to think of a user name and password and give your email. No spam, we promise. Looking around both here and in our meetings, you will find we have quite a diversity of opinions in our little club, so feel free to express your thoughts, just don't deface anyone else's work.


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Now that the election is over, hopefully we can get dem club to participate. Ideas for debates? Post them here.

Thought for the Week:Edit

What will the Obama presidency look like?

Future Meeting IdeasEdit

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